We are committed to introducing new populations and industries to the principles of Alexander technique. We will locate funding and delivery systems to bring the benefits of AT to broader, more diverse socioeconomic groups.


Please help us launch THE POISE PROJECT. Your tax deductible contribution will make it possible for us to sustain infrastructure and staff to maintain a single-minded targeted focus on creating 21st century jobs for Alexander technique teachers.

Our venture can not be a success without team support from the greater AT community including the AT students who share a belief that AT should become a widely recognized profession that is in the awareness of and accessible to the general public. We want THE POISE PROJECT to be an agile, responsive organization with a non-volunteer staff that is devoted full-time to meeting the goals of our Ten Year Challenge.

  • Help us put in place the infrastructure and staff to devote full-time attention to the goals of THE POISE PROJECT and our Ten Year Challenge.


Thank you for your support in reaching our team goals!

THE POISE PROJECT is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation and donations are tax deductible charitable contributions. For AT professionals, donations may be used as professional deductions if preferred.

Please make your checks out to THE POISE PROJECT and mail to:

5 Grove Garden Avenue
Candler NC 28715  

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With your help we will meet our goal of making Alexander accessible to a broader population!




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The Poise Project® is a nonprofit organization located in the United States. Contributions from individuals outside the US are very welcome. (Please note that they are not considered tax deductible as charitable contributions outside the US. However, Alexander technique professionals may be able to deduct their contributions as professional marketing and promotion.) You may make contributions in US Dollars by using the button above, or if you prefer to make contributions in your own country's currency, you may do so by using the buttons below.
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THE POISE PROJECT is an independent nonprofit 501c3 created in 2016 for the sole purpose of bringing the principles of Alexander technique (AT) to a broader population.