AT Strategy: Managing Stress & Overstimulation

Managing Stress: The Alexander Technique Perspective


Everything you learn from the Alexander Technique can help you manage stress. Here are a few pointers when you are feeling stressed:


Stop, look, breathe, and listen.

            Stop what you are doing. Just pause, don’t brace.

Adjust yourself so, from standing, both feet equally support you. From sitting, both sit-bones equally support you.

Look inside for tension, and ask yourself to let go of any holding in your neck, jaw, back, belly, buttocks, hips, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands.

Look out at see what is in front and to the sides of you.

Breathe out to breathe in.

Listen to the messages your brain is sending you. Ask the negative messages to take a break. Send yourself positive messages: I am not creating stress. I am expanding in myself. I have time to make a decision. I have time to make a movement.


Recuperate with a lie-down in Semi-supine.


Take a break from your activity and do something very enjoyable.


Remind yourself you have some choices. The stress hormones will subside. You can choose to change your state.