AT Strategy:  Balance

The Alexander Technique: Improving your Balance


Practicing balancing movements improves balance. Thinking up while working on balance will improve it even more.


Standing on one foot

·      Stand with the back of a chair in front or to the side of you. Lightly touch the back rail for extra support.

·      Stand with your weight even on both feet.

·      See out and think of your whole self as lightening up.

·      Shift your weight over to one leg, keeping your head, shoulders, torso, and hips level as best you can.

·      With your standing leg and hand(s) to support you,

o   Lift the other heel until you are on the ball of the foot.

o   Place your heel on the floor, lengthening through the leg.

o   Repeat several times.

o   Lift the heel, send the knee forward until the entire foot has come off the ground.

o   Place the foot on the floor.

o   Repeat several times.

o   Repeat the entire sequence on the other leg.

o   Variations:

§  Turn your foot slightly outward from the hip and lift the leg to the side.

§  Swing the leg behind you.

§  When the foot is off the ground, bend and straighten the foot from the ankle.

§  When the leg is off the ground, move it in a circular motion, first in one direction and then the other.

§  When the leg is off the ground, improvise movement.


·      Remember, for all stages of the sequence, to see out ahead of you and to think up, wide, and forward.