AT Strategy:  Pausing to Re-set

Inhibition: the Alexander Technique Pause that Refreshes; the Message that Releases


Inhibition is the word we use to mean pause, stop, or undo. When you learn to inhibit, muscles can cease to grip, joints can release, and breath can move more easily. When you learn to stop before reacting with fear or anger, you can make different choices.


·      Just pause, right now.

o   What do you see?

o   What is near you?

o   Where are your feet pointing?

o   What do you want to do next?

o   After a few moments, continue with what you are doing.

·      Pause again.

o   Ask the muscles that are attached to your head and neck to work with less force so that your head can move more freely.

o   Ask the muscles along your head, neck, and rest of your spine to work with less force so that your head, neck and torso can spring upright with ease and move with length and width.

o   Ask yourself to stop tightening in your joints, especially the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. You can say silently to yourself: I am not tightening my neck; I am not tightening my jaw; I am not tightening my knees; I am not tightening my __________.

·      Your feet are on the ground; your body expands in all directions, you are controlling reactive habits.