THE POISE PROJECT has an ambitious ten year plan to ensure that the public has the opportunity to maintain poise and personal growth throughout all stages and challenges of life through broader socioeconomic access to the principles of Alexander technique (AT).

We intend to:

  • Create and deliver AT principle based programs for target populations

  • Create AT principle based continuing education courses for industry professionals delivered by AT professionals and other advocates

  • Identify funding sources and delivery systems to provide alternatives to current private practice/private pay models, bringing AT to more socioeconomically diverse populations

  • Initiate research projects to build on existing data on AT

  • Create jobs for AT professionals in new populations and industries through a strategic, targeted approach

  • Create pre- and post-graduate training to prepare AT teachers to meet demands for new industry jobs

  • Create internships and entry-level job opportunities for AT graduating trainees

  • Create approved AT principle based curriculum for primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions


We employ a strategic model outlined in "A 12 Step Programme for 21st Century Job Creation for Alexander Technique Teachers and Trainees" as published in the papers of the 10th International Congress of the F.M. Alexander Technique at the University of Limerick, Ireland, The Congress Papers: Empowering Humanity, Inspiring Science, published by The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, UK (STAT Books 2016).

We are using a centralized approach to unite population and industry specific teams comprised of student advocates who have benefited from AT partnering with industry advocates who are forward-thinking and AT professionals with expertise in those fields.

Each initiative begins with the question: "Whom do we want to help?" We then assemble a team that utilizes our step by step process to connect AT to that target population.

We are committed to having these opportunities become sustainable beyond this ten-year challenge so that future generations will have the AT principles as part of their daily lives.

Learn more about our proposed target populations and industries at FUTURE INITIATIVES.

We hope you are inspired by this project and will support our initiatives.

We can meet our goals successfully with your financial support to maintain infrastructure and staff, pay our team expenses, and continue new program development now as well as beyond this ten year period.

With persistence and a coordinated approach, we can prepare the way for the AT profession to be of far-reaching service in the 21st century. Become a Ten-Year Challenge Donor!

THE POISE PROJECT is an independent nonprofit 501c3 created in 2016 for the sole purpose of bringing the principles of Alexander technique (AT) to a broader population.